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Teaching Clinical Reasoning

Why Add Reasoning to your teaching?
Resident and student learners are eager to receive feedback from their senior residents and attending physicians. Studies show they rarely receive feedback on their reasoning process.

Clinical reasoning is the core skill of internal medicine. Learning to embed comments that strengthen clinical reasoning will add another dimension to your teaching.

In this section you will find tools that will help you:

1. Learn the language of clinical reasoning: Problem representation, illness scripts, pattern recognition: use the new concepts of reasoning to spot gaps in your learners’ skills.

2. Add value to the feedback
you're giving to resident and student physicians

3. Learn rapid ways to embed training on clinical reasoning as part of work rounds

4. Improve use of the core skill of internal medicine

In this PDF download you will walk through  a slide presentation that reviews the four steps in the diagnostic process and how you can teach them on rounds or in the clinic.
Clinical Reasoning Training
Read Judith Bowen's foundational article on Diagnostic Reasoning and how to teach it to learners.
Bowen Diagnostic Reasoning Article
Read Gurpreet Dhaliwal's explanation of how clinical reasoning happens and how every clinician can improve their skill.
Improving DIagnosis