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If this is your first inpatient medicine month, or if you are a student or extern, be sure to review the expectations for rotating members of the team. You will learn when to arrive for the day's work, how to handle uncertainties and emergencies and how to present your patient's during rounds.

Download Med Team Expectations

Inpatient med teams offer a wide variety of learning experiences. In the Inpatient Medicine Core Curriculum you will find EBM guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the most common admitting disorders you will see. For everything else, there is the Med Libes core site. After you receive your secure log in from the Medical Library, you and your team can find and exchange review articles and post comments in a site dedicated to your learning experience for the month. Use the button to log in to the Med Libes site.

Med Libes Site

You will be assigned cases by the senior resident based on your experience and ability. You will have supervised responsibility for the care of your patient, allowing you the first go at making diagnoses, placing orders and monitoring response to treatment. Be sure to review your level of responsibility with the senior resident, since some decisions will be made as a team. If there is ever a question, seniors will welcome your question or call for support in any decision. In fact, knowing your limits is one part of evaluation.

Direct observation of your skills is part of our learning culture. Your attending or senior may ask you to perform some of the tasks of admitting or discharging or patient interaction while they are present in order to let you develop your own skills. Afterwards, they will offer you focused feedback to help you move towards competency in your skills. This low stakes way of learning is part of our strategy to make you competent.

Evaluations are requested and stored in our resident evaluation system, New Innovations. You can access your evaluations or request one here.

New Innovations
We are transitioning to a mobile system of evaluations to give residents many more observations and feedback for their skills. Review the new system here:
Mobile Evals

Get ready to supervise:
Learn to Lead Teams and TEach

Interns getting ready to lead inpatient med teams need to be sure they know how to set the pace for a team, discuss roles and solve conflicts. In addition, student and younger resident learners will look to them to guide their learning experience. Experienced residents are still learning and can deepen their leading and teaching skills still further.

In this newly created video resource, faculty members Ron Jones MD and Brad Moore MD share secrets and tips of effective leaders and teachers.

All interns are required to watch the interactive video and to complete the form on this page to receive credit. Senior residents are asked to watch and complete the form as well, since some of the resources are new in 2021.

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