Department of Medicine

Research and Quality Improvement

Our Goal

To help residents become effective researchers as they develop, conduct and sustain quality improvement and research projects. In so doing, we will foster enhancements in the graduate medical education experience, adding skills to our graduates that will improve patient care and safety.

Postgraduate Day Poster Event 2020

Despite the pandemic, we will sustain and build our culture of inquiry and celebrate the work of our colleagues. Learn how to submit your case or original research here.
Postgraduate Day 2020

Orientation Slides 2019

On June 28, 2019 Dr. George and Mike Oravec MPH presented an overview of the requirements and process to develop all scholarly projects in the Department of Medicine.

You can download a copy of that presentation for review here.
Orientation Research Presentation

Professional Career Planning

Thinking about your future

It's never too early to start thinking about how your own interests, skills and experience will fit a future practice setting. Will you need additional formalized training? How can you best present your skills for fellowship or practice?

Start with a good curriculum vitae. Download a professional background template from ACP that will help you organize your experience for a potential fellowship or practice setting.
CV Template