Transitional Year Residency

Everything current residents need to navigate this foundational year. Welcome!

One year to grow as a physician

The Summa Health System Transitional Year residency provides an immersive, one year, hands on experience in the broad field of Internal Medicine for those intending to specialize.

Learn by direct care of patients

We know our residents are thoughtful about what they want to accomplish in their one year residency. That's why we have developed a close collaboration with the Summa Internal Medicine Residency to be sure our residents learn to manage patients with many conditions themselves, with the same award winning educational supervison afforded to our medical residents. Our residents follow patients from ER to inpatient medicine to clinic and they learn to manage every decision themselves. Their management skills are earned and along the way they learn to consult, communicate, and interact with everyone in the interprofessional team.

A recognized educational culture

Our educational strategy uses direct observation of your skills in a work based context. Supervising residents and faculty are trained to work alongside you and discuss your next step to acquire greater indepednence in perfroming all the skills needed to thrive in a clinical environment.

Program Coordinator Update

All TY Residents need to check each topic for updated information important to your academic experience.
Well-Being Index: “WELLNESS COUNSELING VISITS”: Interns are strongly encouraged to schedule a brief “Welcome to Residency” wellness visit with APWI by text message to 330.217.6331 or by sending an appointment request to

This visit is to learn how to develop a healthy personal strategy. It is a benefit of our residency and is not universally available to others.

Take an interest in your health before a problem arises and invest in your own resilience! Toward that end, time during work hours on non-critical care months will be allotted to schedule your appointment.
HealthStream: if you have a vacation planned in the near future, PLEASE make sure to complete all HealthStream trainings before you leave. Vacations can be denied if they are not complete. If you have any questions about this please let me know!
Please make sure to log your duty hours in New Innovations if you are on an ICU or CCU rotation. Also, if anything changes with your schedule (e.g. you switch shifts with someone, take an unexpected day off) please let me know as I have to report any deviations from the posted schedule
After scheduling STEP 3 please send Mary Yanik ( the date you will be taking the test. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to do so. Submit your receipts to myself so that you can be reimbursed if you plan to use your education fund to cover the cost. *If you have received your STEP 3 results, please email them to me.*
Research Rotation per Mike Oravec: "I just wanted to check in with the TY residents that are listed as having an upcoming research elective scheduled later this academic year.  I know we’ve discussed options with some of you, but we just need to make sure that everyone has a project/plan to do something productive during that time.  Please let Dr. Jones and me know whether you’ve decided on a project"

We welcome a New Program Director in 2023

We are excited to welcome Dr. Stephanie Zaugg, DO, PharmD as the incoming Transitional Year program director starting in July, 2023.

Dr. Zaugg is a member of the faculty at Summa Health System Department of Medicine where she has served as the Associate Director of the Internal Medicine Center and is a member of the core teaching faculty for the Categorical, Preliminary and Transitional Medicine residencies. Dr. Zaugg has exhibited her leadership as Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine and Chair of the hospital Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee. Dr. Zaugg and Ron Jones MD, FACP, the outgoing PD for TY, worked closely with faculty and the Department of Medicine to create a seamless transition, even while new learning experiences are being introduced.
" I believe we offer Transitional Year residents a great work-based learning experience in preparation for their next stage of training.

In addition, our relational learning culture, fully-realized wellness strategy and access to teams from multiple specialties result in a confident and skilled physician."

Key TY Resources

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