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March 4, 2024 - May 10,2024 medicine Clerkship

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When a student arrives at a new location for training during a pandemic there are, well, a lot of questions.

Will I be safe? Will I be placed in settings where I am uncomfortable or unprepared?

The good news is that Summa Health System has established clear guidelines for all educational experiences that will place you in patient care settings, but not in unecessary danger from COVID-19. Here are our rules:

1. All student learners will be provided with appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the environment or service where they are rotating.

2. All student learners will receive supervision and instruction if additional precautions are needed because of known risk from COVID-19.

3. No students will be asked to perform procedures or to work in areas for which they have not received training.

Throughout the pandemic we have provided an environment that allows learning to occur without unnecessary exposures. So learn with us during pandemic, but let our rules keep you safe.
Everyone caring for patients during a pandemic needs to learn how to assess their own emotions caused by their work.
If you sense overwhelm, anxiety, mood swings, down times you can't shake, you are certainly not the only learner to have these feelings. The first step is to accept them. The next step is to talk with a colleague: any resident on your team or Dr. Moore is prepared to support you and develop an action plan to learn how to navigate these emotions.

Let them know what you are experiencing. We are oriented toward learning and growing. This isn't about giving the appearance of being OK, but about being OK.
Even if you are doing well now, it's nice to know what's available where you train.
This web site has additional resources for you to use that we make available to our residents. Click the link to find them.
Wellness Resources

During your time with us at Summa you will be responsible for knowing when and where you need to be. Schedules on this page will help you make a plan. Please let us know in the Department of Medicine if you need assistance or clarification.