Pharmacy Resources for Residents

Resources for CLinical Decisions
Our pharmacy residents and students have provided resources from validated sources for ready help in a range of commonly seen clinical conditions. Use this page to access information needed for clinical decisions.
Ambulatory Medicine
Select the topic you need to learn valuable information in the care of your patients with chronic disease.


Pharmacy and Clinic Series: Asthma and Inhaler Use

In this brief video, student pharmacist Zach Harrington reviews the key information you should review with patients when you prescribe an everyday inhaler. Medication dosages received are dramatically reduced by 50% when patients are unaware of these critical steps in taking medication by inhaler.


Pharmacy and Clinic Series: Diabetes. Using Insulin and a Glucometer

In this video, student pharmacist Mackenzie Lloyd goes step by step to teach patients how to inject insulin and use a glucometer to obtain and measure their own glucose level.